You can now listen to tracks from Joe Sikes' Offset EP on Jango, along with other similar electronica artists, such as Gus Gus, Zero 7, Fever Ray, The Knife, Portis Head, Air, Massive Attack, Deadmau5 and many others...

Today, I am releasing my first solo album! All thanks to the love, support and hard work from my musical family! Jeremy Frank & Toniet Gallego (aka Fader Vixen) and Nathan Brown (aka Hopi Torvald), I love you guys and I am honored to know & work with you!

You can download it from SoundCloud, for free!  Or you can buy it from online stores, such as iTunes!

Here is a video Jeremy Frank put together for the title track, Offset:
Joe Sikes Offset
On Monday I will be releasing my very first solo body of work!

And I couldn't do this without the love, support and encouragement from my musical family...

A TREMENDOUS THANK YOU to Jeremy Frank for his superb production, engineering, co-writing & photo-shopping!
Also, much appreciation for Nathan Brown's sweet, sweet mastering which makes these tracks sparkle!
Toniet Gallego, thank you sister, for all of your sound advice, direction and guidance
AND the beautiful remix you did for Ideas!

The image above is "the album cover".
Thank you Jeremy & Toniet, for directing and shooting me on that hot July day!